What is UnionHall?

UnionHall is a state-of-the-art templated website tool for locals (replacing LaborWeb). State and local organizations including state federations and central labor councils have access to free, templated websites through participating national union. The tool enables parent sites (national unions or state orgs) to quickly setup and help manage tiered websites for their locals. The national and state organizations can syndicate fresh content to local sites to help keep them up to date.

Who is UnionHall for?

  • National unions and affiliated organizations can work with the AFl-CIO to create their own hub and offer tiered websites to their state or local organizations. 

  • State and local organizations can work through their participating organization.

  • Campaign websites can quickly be created for any affiliated organization.

  • Many smaller affiliated organizations use UnionHall for their own website.

How Much Does UnionHall Cost?

UnionHall is free to state and local organizations. These are free templated websites provided through your national union. National unions will pay a small annual fee for their hub. National unions interested in finding out more about UnionHall can contact us at [email protected]

Will my Union Hall website mobile friendly?

All UnionHall site themes are mobile responsive. That means they look great and are optimized for viewing on mobile phones, and tablets.