Add a "Featured Image" this image will appear in content teasers that appear in panels or content blocks. If there is no image, the article will appear in the article listing.

Actions are for external advocacy-type actions (petitions, etc.). They require a photo, and a short paragraph of description text. First create the petition or join form in the Action Network tool. This guide will not cover creating the Actiob Network form or petition.

Promos are for links to any other content (external or internal) that you would like to highlight. For promos, you choose a background color and an icon.

The Biography section type contains the Biography content type. By default we've named the biography section on a new site "About Us". The Biography section page is designed to list the biographies created with the option to alter the listing order with a drag and drop tool.

Use the media browser icon in the toolbar. The default layout will give you a link like the following: