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Customizing and Ordering Materials

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Customizing materials on the Working Families Toolkit allows users to personalize messages to their members. The Working Families Toolkit allows for header, footer, and logo customization. To begin customizing a material, press the ‘select’ button below the thumbnail of the material you would like to order.

The user will then be taken to a page with a prompt for information regarding the quantity and date of use for the material.


The quantity of material ordered should be the user’s best guess of what will be needed. To order a customized flier for download only, select a quantity of ‘1’.

Date of Use

The date of use is needed for compliance and reporting purposes. The user should enter their best estimate as to when the ordered materials will be used.

Enter Template Details

The next page is where the customization of the material will occur. The user will be prompted to fill out a header, footer, and to select a logo. When the user is finished customizing the material, click the ‘next’ button.

Review Your Material

The user will then have the opportunity to review the customized material and make any changes before placing an order. If there is an error in the customization, the user can click ‘Edit Artwork Details’ and will be able to make changes to the material. If the material is correctly customized, click ‘Add to Shopping Cart’.

Shopping Cart

Once the material has been added to the cart, the user should enter the shipping address. When all the information is correctly entered, click the ‘checkout’ button at the bottom of the page


The checkout page allows the user to view their order a final time before submitting. If all the information is accurate, click the ‘submit order’ button at the bottom of the page

Once an order is submitted, the user will be able to view its status and information in the ‘Orders’ tab.

Once the order is approved, the user will be emailed a notification. In the case of a customized material that was for download only, the user will be emailed an approval notification as well as a link to