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Navigating the Toolkit

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Select Org/Affiliate

To continue to the Working Families Toolkit site, the user must select the international with which they are affiliated, then press the ‘continue’ button.

Home Page

The Working Families Toolkit home page includes a basic navigation bar, a search bar, and an advanced navigation bar.

Basic Navigation

The basic navigation of the Working Families Toolkit consists of the following tabs:

  • All
  • New
  • Favorite
  • Cart
  • Orders
  • Additional resources
  • Admin

  • All - this tab shows all of the materials currently on the Working Families Toolkit
  • New - this tab shows the newest materials that have been uploaded to the Working Families Toolkit
  • Favorite - this tab is where all the materials the user has marked as a ‘favorite’ can be found
  • Cart - this tab shows the materials currently in a user’s cart
  • Orders - this tab shows all past orders a user has placed
  • Additional Resources - this tab has various information such as election calendars and training materials
  • Admin - this tab is where the user can perform tasks such as updating their address or changing their password

Advanced Navigation

The advanced navigation section is located on the left side of the homepage. Users can locate materials by filtering categories. To filter a category, click the relevant boxes, and then click the ‘go’ button (located next to the search bar near the top of the page)


A user can ‘favorite’ a material, which will allow quick access to the material under the ‘Favorites’ tab. To favorite a material, tick the ‘favorite’ box.